Monday, December 15, 2008

Rappers vs. 19th century Business Tycoons


It seems likely that rappers pursue careers in music to escape not only a tough upbringing or life on the streets but also the stunning reality of their awkward, terrible names. From Snoop Dogg (Cordozar Broadus) to DMX (Earl Simmons) to Master P (Percy Miller) these guys just can't catch a break. See if you can distinguish between the given names of rappers and 19th century business tycoons on the following list (answers are in the comments section, don't cheat)

Algernod Lanier Washington
Carlton Douglas Ridenhour
Henry Morrison Flagler
Christopher Charles Lloyd
Edward Henry Harriman
Elbert H. Gary
Shadrach Gregory Moss
Amasa Leland Stanford
John Warne Gates
Collis Huntington
Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
Warren Griffin III
James Buchanan Duke
James Tod Smith
Nathaniel Dwayne Hale


Jesse said...

Algernod Lanier Washington - RAPPER (Plies)
Carlton Douglas Ridenhour - RAPPER (Chuck D)
Henry Morrison Flagler - TYCOON (railroads/oil)
Christopher Charles Lloyd - RAPPER (Lloyd Banks)
Edward Henry Harriman - TYCOON (railroads)
Elbert H. Gary - TYCOON (steel)
Shadrach Gregory Moss - RAPPER (Lil' Bow Wow)
Amasa Leland Stanford - TYCOON (railroads)
John Warne Gates - TYCOON (steel/oil)
Collis Huntington - TYCOON (railroads)
Thomas DeCarlo Callaway - RAPPER (Cee-Lo)
Warren Griffin III - RAPPER (Warren G)
James Buchanan Duke - TYCOON (tobacc)
James Tod Smith - RAPPER (LL Cool J)
Nathaniel Dwayne Hale - RAPPER (Nate Dogg)

Lisa said...

hi jesse these are my guesses

Algernod Lanier Washington - BUSINESS MANE (BM)
Carlton Douglas Ridenhour - RAPPER (RPR)
Henry Morrison Flagler - BM
Christopher Charles Lloyd - RPR
Edward Henry Harriman - BM
Elbert H. Gary -BM
Shadrach Gregory Moss - BM
Amasa Leland Stanford - RPR
John Warne Gates - BM
Collis Huntington - RPR
Thomas DeCarlo Callaway - RPR
Warren Griffin III - RPR
James Buchanan Duke - BM
James Tod Smith - RPR
Nathaniel Dwayne Hale - RPR